Update on Secondary Schools Facilities Study

The MES School Advisory Council, along with the PTA and Mustang Fund Foundation, has been working for the past month constructing a response and planning document for the Secondary Schools Facilities Study for DeKalb County. Hopefully, all of you read the documents and petitions MES has sent to you over this time and were able to vote on the survey. Members of these boards have met with the Brookhaven Mayor, John Ernst, and Dekalb County school board official, Stan Jester, over the past weeks, finishing with a final meeting with Dr. Green, Dekalb County School Superintendent, Dan Drake of Facilities Planning, and interim Region 1 Superintendent, Sherry Johnson.

The Superintendent will recommend what facilities option the county will pursue on Tuesday, September 27, at 7:00 PM in a public meeting at the AIC auditorium. This will be a five year plan looking forward to 2022. MES recommended a hybrid of options A and B, but regardless of what option the county chooses, be assured that your MES Boards will work diligently to ensure that our community stays strong and vibrant. Thanks to everyone who voted and supported our vision of future secondary facilities in DeKalb County.

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