Public Meeting for Future Planning of Chamblee Middle and High Schools

Parents and community members are invited to attend and provide comment on August 23 & 25:

Public meetings on recommendations for facility planning and clustering – includes impacts on Chamblee High School & Chamblee Middle School for complete meeting location, time, and date information.
On that site, click on “Presentation for Round 2 Public Input (Presented May 10 and May 12)” to get caught up on discussions and options that emerged from public meetings in April & May.
and paste into your browser to view the page, if needed.
More info:
The DeKalb County School District is conducting an important assessment to inform facility planning for high schools and middle schools over coming years, including the potential for building new schools, adding to current buildings, adjusting middle & high school attendance zones, as well as other potential changes.
Final recommendations will be presented at public meetings on Aug 23 & 25 as part of a stakeholder engagement process.
This planning process affects schools throughout the county.
Some of the current considerations affect Chamblee Middle School & Chamblee High School specifically.
After the final stage of stakeholder engagement, final recommendations will be submitted to the DeKalb County School Board by DCSS.

The date for the final public input meeting for the Secondary School Facility Planning and Feasibility Study is being moved (Tuesday August 23 & Thursday August 25) in order to allow for greater public participation. This meeting will discuss the preliminary recommendations of the Secondary School Facility Planning and Feasibility Study before the study is completed. For more information, please visit the website at

This study impacts Chamblee Middle and Chamblee Charter High School, so please make plans to attend either of the public meetings to provide input as a stakeholder. This important process affects the future of our schools.

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