Montgomery Elementary PTA Overview 2017-03-20T21:14:55+00:00

How is the PTA structured?

The PTA has various levels of roles that work together to make events, fundraisers, communications and other important initiatives happen. 

  • Each year a Board of Directors is elected to provide leadership to the organization.  The Board of Directors is comprised of 11 positions: President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, VP of Administration, VP of Communications, VP of Educational Enhancements, VP of Events, and Parliamentarian.  All positions are for one year with the exception of the Treasurer, which is a two-year commitment. 
  • The PTA also maintains a “Full Board”.   The Full Board is comprised of the Executive Board and the forty plus committee chairs.  For more information on the various committees and their responsibilities, please see the Board tab on
  • Nothing the PTA does would be possible without the volunteers that work with the Executive Board and committee chairs to make things happen.  We are grateful for all our volunteers as they are truly what make Montgomery a special school!

When does the PTA meet?

  • The Executive Board meets monthly to review the financial report, receive an update from our Principal and Foundation and discuss important matters.
  • All PTA members are invited to join our three PTA meetings throughout the course of the year.  At these meetings, we provide an update on the financial state of the PTA, receive an update from our Principal and Foundation, discuss important PTA initiatives and conduct required PTA business according to our by-laws. 
    • August 19th: Review and approval of proposed budget
    • February 9th: Approval of Nominating Committee
    • April 21st: Approval of Slate of Candidates

How does the PTA Communicate?

The PTA uses a variety of communication methods to get the word out about things going on around Montgomery. 

  • Mustang Bulletin:  each Monday a weekly email is sent out with information from the PTA and school administration.  This is primary way in which information is communicated.
  • Website: is the official PTA website and contains a wealth of information about Montgomery such as the school calendar, school news from the Mustang Bulletin, Board and Committee information and resources.
  • Facebook & Twitter: the PTA also maintains Facebook and Twitter accounts to communicate reminders and communications between Mustang Bulletins.
  • Marquee: Montgomery has two marquees in which we can communicate events.  Information required to be communicated from Dekalb County takes precedent over PTA matters. 

I am an Executive Board member.  What do I do?

  • Executive Board members are responsible for leading the PTA organization.  This includes attending the monthly and 3 all member meetings and assisting with spreading the word on important initiatives and information.  They are also responsible for working to set the budget and calendar for the year. 
  • EB members oversea the functional area or committees that fall under them.  A full list and job descriptions for the EB and Committees can be found on the PTA website under Board.
  • EB members should touch base with their committee chairs monthly and report any relevant information at the monthly EB meeting.  You should also assist committee chairs with any roadblocks they encounter.
  • Relevant documents should be stored on the Google Docs drive so that they can be referenced by future EB members. 

I am a Committee Chair.  What do I do?

  • Committee chairs are responsible for working with their Executive Board member to execute the event.  This includes organizing the logistics of the event, recruiting volunteers, communicating relevant information to parents and managing the budget. 
  • A list of parents who have volunteered to assist with each committee is sent out via email in the beginning of the year to each committee chair.
  • To communicate your event, simply email  That emails the people responsible for the bulletin, calendar, facebook and twitter pages and marquee.  Courier announcements should be used on a limited basis.
  • Copies can be made at school.  You are welcome to use the paper provided.  Colored paper is available through Mr. Levitt.  The code to the copier for the PTA is 3995.
  • Where appropriate, committees are allocated a budget.  Your VP can provide you with your budget and monthly updates on the status of your budget.  Check request forms should be completed with attached receipts for all expenses.  Completed check requests can be submitted to the PTA Treasurer box in the front office.  Reimbursement checks are typically written once per week.
  • Last but certainly not least, committee chairs should attend PTA meetings and assist with spreading the word on important initiatives and information.