Save the Date! December 5th, Important Dekalb County BOE Meeting

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to show support at the meeting on November 17th! Your presence made a huge impact, and it is so important for us to continue spreading the message to defer the vote!

Please SAVE THE DATE for the Dekalb County Board of Education Meeting on Monday, December 5th @ 5:45p – J. David Williamson Board Room,1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard, Stone Mountain. We need another strong showing of Montgomery parents at this meeting to advocate that DeKalb County School District’s recommendations with respect to Category 2: New Facilities and Additions ($261M) be DEFERRED. The decisions that will be made will have significant and long-lasting effects on the students and communities of DeKalb County. They deserve time, attention, transparency, and deliberation. We feel the deferment of this vote is critical for a number of reasons, including:

At the time of the initial Secondary School Study Stakeholder Surveys and community input sessions, detailed and concrete information regarding new school locations and additions were not provided to the public. DCSD has just released more specific information including site renderings for additions. Additional stakeholder feedback based on this new information is needed.
Elementary school councils, PTAs, and Foundation Boards were not strongly represented in the initial stages of the Stakeholder Feedback. Elementary Schools were not invited to participate in the steering committee for the Secondary School Facility Planning and Feasibility Study. This is the group that will utilize the new facilities in 5-7 years and their voice is essential to the integrity and effectiveness of this process.
Very limited information has been presented on the finalized site location for the proposed new 2,500 seat Cross Keys HS. Prior to approval, an exact site should be identified and renderings should be presented.
Lakeside HS, Dunwoody HS, and Chamblee HS are projected to be at 100% capacity by the time the proposed additions at these schools are complete. We would like for the board and stakeholders to further consider this solution and determine the most efficient use of these tax dollars.

Please email and call every School Board representatives multiple times between now and the scheduled December 5th vote to request that the vote be deferred. Without your voice, the proposed plan to add 600+ seats to CCHS may be approved without adequate consideration for its impacts or alternatives.

Here is a sample email you can send:


Dear DeKalb County School Board Member:

As a taxpayer and member of the Chamblee Charter High School cluster community, I implore you to postpone the pre-maturely scheduled December 5th vote on the proposed construction and redistricting plan. I do not want my tax dollars spent on a plan that has not been well thought out and has not had accurate community input. I believe neither the School Board nor the affected communities have been provided with adequate time and information to properly consider this plan or develop alternatives that are less disruptive and more feasible. This plan is too important and too expensive to rush.

Here is a list of emails that you can cut and paste, plus additional contact information below (be sure to cc Dr. Green, Josh Williams, and Dan Drake on each email you send):


CC:, joshua_l_williams@, Daniel_drake@dekalbschoolsga. org

Dr. Melvin Johnson,, 404-621-3324
Dr. Michael A. Erwin, michael_erwin@, 404-599-4090
Mr. Stan O. Jester, stan_jester@ dekalbschoolsga. org, 678-676-0027
Mr. James L. “Jim” McMahan, jim_mcmahan@ dekalbschoolsga. org, 404-621-5854
Dr. Joyce Morley, joyce_morley@, 404-599-9632
Mr. Marshall D. Orson,, 404-621-3205
Mrs. Vickie B. Turner, vickie_turner@, 678-676-0027
Dr. Stephen Green,, 678.676.1200
Mr. Joshua Williams, joshua_l_williams@, 678.676.1376
Mr. Dan Drake, Daniel_drake@dekalbschoolsga. org, 678.676.1332

Thank you for your assistance with this important effort!

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