Lunch Buddies – Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do when I arrive?

Head straight to the front office where you will sign in as a volunteer and receive a name-tag.  Once you’ve signed in, head to the cafeteria where you will find an apron and gloves to help protect your clothing and hands.  These are typically located on a cart against the far wall directly opposite the entry door.

How will I know if a child needs help?

The kiddos know to raise their hands if they need assistance.

What if a child asks to use the restroom?

Ask the child if he/she can wait until after lunch, and if not, please escort them to the restroom after letting the other Lunch Buddy Volunteer(s) know that you are doing so.

What do I do at the end of my shift?

Please turn in your apron at the cart and check-out at the front office. 

What do I do if I need to change or cancel my shift?

If you need to cancel, please reach out to the other parents in your child’s class to try and find a replacement.    If you need to change your shift, please do so using the same sign-up sheet you used initially.       

Do I need to bring anything to my shift?

No, the cafeteria is equipped with aprons, gloves, and scissors for your use. 

Can I volunteer at other times throughout the school year?

Yes, simply email LFBYRD@MAC.COM with your name and email address, and you can be added to the list of back-up volunteers when slots are not full for any given week.          


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