Summer Assignment for Parents

As many of you know, MES continues to be such a great school that we grow every year by leaps and bounds! However, we continue to grow, DeKalb has no long range plan for how to house students other than trailers in the parking lot. We project that after two more years, the lot will be full and our geography hampers an easy transition to using modulars in other areas of the campus. Thus, the MES School Council is asking parents to help us request an engineering study to look at our topography to see how we can use our land to more and better capacity. DeKalb Planning has told us that unless our parents campaign steadily for a study, it most likely will not happen. We will continue to see band aid solutions to long range growth issues, ones are easily predictable and need to be addressed before they arrive.

Due to this, we have a draft of a letter, complete with contacts, that would would ask every parent to send via mail or email to our board member and DeKalb officials. Due to its importance, you will receive this letter as a reminder a few times over the summer. Please take a few minutes now to let our officials know that we need an engineering study to review the best solutions to our facilities problem. Many thanks for your attention to this and please feel free to contact any School Council member with any questions or concerns. Have a safe and happy summer!  Click here for the letter and the names and email addresses of those to send it to.

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